Mold in T@B — part five

The label says [Folex] Instant results. No rinsing, vacuuming or waiting to see results. Spots vanish before your eyes. Amazing surfactant action. Instantly removes stubborn grease, dirt and grime.” Further down there are instructions for carpet cleaning.  On the front of the bottle: “Instant Carpet Spot Remover; The Solution To Your Stain. Removes … most old stains, excellent for upholstery.” Picture #2 shows “before”; #3 & #4 show “after” area was sprayed. Picture #5 shows area thirty-one minutes later and I see no improvement. Next I used DampRid and find it very satisfactory for vinyl and wood surfaces. (But did not find the product described on their website. Isn’t that curious?) ~~ Taking a break because “standing on my head” is really hard on my neck!!

name the product

Before application

After application

After application

name that product still hasn't cleared the spots

Damp-Rid label

Applying Damp-Rid

Using Damp-Rid successfully

Damp-Rid in small spaces

Time & temperature


With DampRid bottle

The cat that ate the canary

In lowest area of T@BEleven-thirty and time for yours truly to get out of her “grubbies” and dress appropriately for the dining room.


Regarding Baking Soda: Indeed some baking soda in a vacuum cleaner bag will stifle odor. I thought I read that tip somewhere. I emptied the bag on the tiny Electrolux vacuum cleaner (and vacuumed it with my big vacuum) so it is ready whenever I get to the T@B cushions. BMurphy Oil Soapefore that…  I’ll go over all the wood surfaces with Murphy’s Oil Soap. Maybe it is over-kill to use so many cleaning products but I want to protect the wood that I have recently scrubbed with a product and water.

OverloadThree-thirty PM, hot and humid 86 degrees outside (85 degrees inside). “Too soon old, too late smart.”  ~~ Too many irons in the fire.” ~~  Bit off more than I can chew. A neighbor was having the exterior of his trailer thoroughly cleaned. I asked the worker for the price to clean my big trailer “at his convenience.” He’s coming tomorrow morning!! I don’t need this on top of my other tasks BUT will follow through. So-o-o-o I have had two dozen things to move that were leaning against the trailer, under the trailer, etc.

Little vacuum

T@B trailer stuff

Extra chairsFive-thirty: OMG, I forgot about square dancing tonight. I don’t think I have an ounce of energy left after moving things around!! I’ll take a shower and wash my hair. I’ll see if that energizes me.

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