Seventy-five percent of my Verizon “Hot Spot” 5-gig was used in twelve days. I’ll need to go to the CARE Center for WiFi–upload pictures and prepare a blog. That really isn’t convenient!! It is more enjoyable when I can sit in my trailer, in my pajamas, hair uncombed, etc., or come into the trailer for iced tea between tasks.

For a smile: It’s eight o’clock and I haven’t been up very long. I looked out… and a friend’s dog had escaped her leash and was running through the area. I called Sam (her owner) and then went outdoors–in my pink pajamas–to catch her. Can you see it? Pink pajamas, hair uncombed??

The Thieves Oil arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’ve read the literature. Maybe today I’ll get it going in the little trailer.

Yesterday was an “Impulsive / Compulsive” day; I just couldn’t stop working on projects in the yard!! I took lots of pictures, too, but due to restraints it may be awhile before I get them in the blog.

Best wishes to all!!


One comment on “FYI:

  1. lesley says:

    I really like Thieves. I use both the essential oil and the cleaner. Anytime I am not well, few drops in a small amount of water, drink it quickly or just rubbing it on your feet. The cleaner also is great to use. Smells amazing, reminds me of Christmas

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