Obsessive / compulsive !!

“Life’s all about my garden.”

Mattress is airing

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Big storage container


Small storage container

Time & temperatureToday I worked in the yard; I was compelled… I couldn’t stop!! ~~ I received the package with Thieves’ Oil, and other essential oils. I’ve read their literature. ~~ I hung flags to celebrate Memorial Day and draped flag patio lights on a “tree” trellis. ~~ I’m a “plant sitter” so several pictures taken to send to the owner to show they are surviving, and thriving. ~~ Isn’t my Asian Lily pretty?


Burlap for a project

Less clutter

Planter  soil, river rock, etc.

Two flags plus lights

Flags on tree trellis


Close up of illuminated flags

After dark, illuminated flags

Package from Young Living

Asian Lily

The hand truck is helpful

Verbena needs more sunshine

Attractive plant

Ivy is not doing well

Plant doing well

Aloe Vera is doing great

Another garden flag

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