Deliberate & intentional !!

The computer was turned “off” for more than thirty-six hours. During daytime, it is usually “on” and I check it frequently. (Some of you know I check frequently because I answer an email within the hour.)

It seemed vitally important to click the “pause” button, push the “reset”….

The new computer, and scanner, were set up on March 8th, forty days ago. Only two boxes of discards from scanned family history. At this rate, it may take more than one year?! I haven’t removed a single box from the stack by my front door.

Today, to my credit, I have two boxes of Christian literature ready to mail to Love Packages. I’ve actually discarded two boxes of scanned family history.


It’s a beautiful morning, weather-wise, and several tasks accomplished in my “yarden.” But I was anxious to check my email, and publish another blog. It’s safe to say I am addicted to the computer.

One comment on “Deliberate & intentional !!

  1. Fantastic accomplishment to have your computer off for 36 hours! Wow! I must confess I’m addicted to

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