Not a moment too soon ?!

Creating another surface was simple compared to set-up of the new scanner. No instructions included!! I drew upon decades of computer/printer experience and did quite well (imho). Surprise: I was forced into the purchase of software that I believed was included with the scanner. Added inconvenience: CARE WiFi signal disappeared and several hours lapsed before software was downloaded. (Likewise, unable to prepare and publish this blog message.)

Note that initial installation of software started at 4:12. Three hours later and I still do not have accessible software!! (Gratefully, I have WiFi.) Tomorrow I’ll search for a manual on-line (or maybe as soon as I publish this message [7:15]).

Postscript at 7:25 PM: I’ve found “help” under HELP. I’m off to a good start,

Postscript at 8:00 PM: Would you believe I had to go to the Internet for drivers for the scanner??

Postscript at 9:20 PM: Success!!

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