A day in the library

We had rain, off-and-on, throughout the day. I was indoors focused on scanning. I made some progress; I emptied two boxes!! I want to share one of today’s “rewards.” Years ago, I read a story titled The Daughter of a Blacksmith, in Good Old Days magazine, November 1986. Naturally the name of the author, Floe Frantz, caught my attention. In the 1990’s I attempted to resolve her identity; today, I finally made the “connection.” First: Read The Daughter of a Blacksmith. Second: Correspondence regarding identity of Floe Frantz. Third: My note confessing the Lineage established (because I found my answers on Ancestry.com).

Deliberate & intentional !!

The computer was turned “off” for more than thirty-six hours. During daytime, it is usually “on” and I check it frequently. (Some of you know I check frequently because I answer an email within the hour.)

It seemed vitally important to click the “pause” button, push the “reset”….

The new computer, and scanner, were set up on March 8th, forty days ago. Only two boxes of discards from scanned family history. At this rate, it may take more than one year?! I haven’t removed a single box from the stack by my front door.

Today, to my credit, I have two boxes of Christian literature ready to mail to Love Packages. I’ve actually discarded two boxes of scanned family history.


It’s a beautiful morning, weather-wise, and several tasks accomplished in my “yarden.” But I was anxious to check my email, and publish another blog. It’s safe to say I am addicted to the computer.

Computer problems !!

4:44 AM and I’m finally able to type these words. Conservatively, three hours last night and one hour this morning running maintenance programs. I mistakenly thought everything would operate smoothly at 3:00 AM. Nope!! Yes, it was “human error”; I uninstalled some programs (a couple of days ago); I deleted “cache and cookies.” The computer took minutes to do the simple task of loading my email. I have enough frustration with the scanning project; I don’t need new computer problems!! (Yes, my new computer. The computer specifically for the scanning project. However, it’s convenient to check my email here and write a blog message, too.) Believe me, a turtle moves faster than this computer. ~~ It’s well past five and I’m going back to bed!!

April 15 –Turbo Tax and LEE

We did the task a couple of months ago; the refund was automatically deposited in my bank account. The refund paid for the scanner and new computer. A few days ago I “did” a friend’s taxes with my old computer and installed Turbo Tax. I love Turbo Tax!!

Seventh cousin to myself (seriously) !!

Among other scanning projects today–relative to Frantz Families–Kith & Kin–pictures that appeared in the “hard copy” publication but not included on the CD or website. So I have pictures to share with you. Click this link for the way they appear on Digitized Library Family History.





The computer, scanner, and software is working properly (praise the Lord). I guess running maintenance resolved the problem?! Every step of this process is deliberate; I have to “think” about each command. So far, nothing is “by rote.”

Where’s my Gold Metal ??

At eighty-two years of age, I deserve a gold metal for my gymnastics!! Seriously, the maneuvers are endless to produce a flawless performance!! Today, my goal was a “perfect” preface for Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. When the original document was converted… and burned to CD’s, I had no way of including the photographs. (It may have been possible but [in 1998+/-] yours truly did not have the expertise. Likewise, at the time the FF-KK website was created [in 2013] the creator/producer was clueless.)

Almost the entire day working with thirty-four pages. My only accomplishment today: I installed a new pump on the fountain. I love the sound of the bubbling water and the birds and squirrels love to drink, and bath, therein. (Old pump failed two days ago. Yesterday, a special trip to Lowe’s.)

What’s my hang up?? Color pictures have to be scanned separately; I can’t load thirty-four pages into the document feeder and have my desired item. It’s 4:50 PM and I have more work ahead of me. This is the way it looks right now. Preface Frantz Families–Kith & Kin  Repeat: What’s my hang up? Successfully merging pictures into document pages.

Finally, I believe the revised Preface is ready to be inserted on the website. That will be another challenge because I haven’t edited that website for years and Weebly has complicated the development. (Recently, I experienced complications with so many web hosts and their templates.)

Preface revised pages Frantz Families–Kith & Kin

So-o-o-o many hours today; I’m weary!!