Related to royalty !?

Lorraine Frantz Edwards Ahnentafel

For decades I’ve believed that I am the child of a King, joint heir with Christ my Lord and Savior. This weekend we celebrate His resurrection.  Today I discovered a 1992 printout of my ancestry as I knew it. Long before the simple act of a few key strokes, on the Internet, on Back in the “dark ages” of genealogical research, we traveled to libraries, we scrolled through miles of microfilm, we paid a dime for every photocopy.

Today, I rediscovered (yes, “rediscovered”) one of my great-greats was Alfred the Great, King of England, 870-900. I’m a great-great-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr- granddaughter of a King. ~~ Also: Check the History of the Hume Family. My great-grandmother’s life was diametrically opposed to that of her ancestors. (More about Melissa Jane Hume Showalter in a future blog or in my Digitized Library of Family History.)

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