Every day, a new challenge !!

Melissa Jane Hume note in her handwriting

Melissa Jane Hume note in her handwriting transcribed

There are so many curves in my “learning curve.”

Today I wanted to master the technique of scanning handwriting–so it is readable–and convert to a PDF file. It took too much time (imho) but I figured it out and wrote the instructions (for next time). I deliberately chose a handwritten note of my great-grandmother. Truthfully, page two was so faded I could hardly read it!!

Some researchers may be happy with name, birth date, death date, marriage, etc., (Ancestry.com) but I gravitate to the really personal stuff. I’m anxious to use my new-found technique to document a difficult-to-read twelve page, handwritten, narrative by my Uncle Ralph Frantz. It identifies information I never knew about my father’s early life. It reads like “Little House on the Prairie.” My father deliberately chose to put many miles between himself, his parents and his siblings. He never talked about his past. Discovering–and publishing–my FRANTZ ancestry was remarkable!!

One comment on “Every day, a new challenge !!

  1. Wow! I’m impressed! Good for you!

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