Website frustration !!

When I prepared the Frantz Families–Kith & Kin website, I did not have that black box on the left side of the screen. (Simpler instructions, I’m sure.) For a guru, those black box instructions may be easy to navigate. For some mysterious reason, I cannot perform their dictated maneuvers on my “under construction” new website!! I suspect the “electronic age” is miles ahead of me. (As I indicated recently, I’m happy with Windows 7 and a “dumb” Jitterbug flip phone.) Even **this** blog site creation process has changed since I started it in December 2011. Gratefully, I’m still able to work with instructions I comprehend. I’m (likewise) experiencing  “construction” problems **there** because I “thought” I’d be working with commands I understand. (I hoped changing to another provider would simplify the process!!)

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