Cloudy, gloomy, rainy, …

…weepy, depressed!!

rainIt’s so sad to handle boxes of memorabilia labeled as a gift for a grandson knowing he’ll never see it. (I’ve searched the Internet and cannot find him.) It’s so sad to toss family pictures!! I don’t have enough space to continue storing… and recognize that it is foolish to continue paying for a storage unit. So, today is a reflection of my emotions.

New Year’s resolution: DOWNSIZE!!

smiles-face-very-sadPostscript, 10:00 AM: I regret getting out of bed this morning!! I went to the dining room for coffee and “a couple of good deeds.” Conversations took a negative turn and I was in a very hostile environment!! Unnamed (unknown) someone (or several someones) think my bottle trees and bottle bushes are “trashy” and should not be allowed. The topic will come up in our next resident’s meeting. Someone (or several someones) tore my labels off several glass bottles of olive oil and vinegar. I had attached a label saying “please save bottle for Lorraine.” (Too bad I don’t have some of the wine I purchased [and gave away] because I’m tempted to drown my sorrows!! Wine recipients returned the pretty bottles.)






Postscript, 2:00 PM: In conversation, in the CARE dining room, after the noon meal, the malcontent  revealed themselves. I’m so grieved that my “extended family” feel so strongly about the bottles. They say No more“!! Within a week, I’ll received the package with Awesome Blossom and I’d planned to prepare a cement base for it (in a planter). anxietyI’m already having an anxiety attack as I think about the way they will react to forty-nine more bottles (bush) in my yard.

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