Why do I do what I do ??

#1: A message request was received. #2: There was too little information so assistance was declined. #3: However, “detective Lorraine” (with her obsessive-compulsive behavior) started searching. #4: Hours later… and no positive documentation regarding Britini Jones. My incomplete data suggests she is my second cousin two-times-removed.


Message sent: Britini, I have spent the morning searching your family. If I have everything correct, you are my second cousin two-times removed. Here is a link to my tree: (intentionally limited information on the blog). ~~ If you are familiar with the features of “copy” and “paste” information, you should “copy” the link I have provided and “paste” it into your Internet browser. That will take you to the man I supposed is your father. From there, you can move around in my database (“tree”) and see all the relatives I have documented. If you send me your email address, I can send you an invitation to my tree so it is easy for you to access my tree. ~~ Very best wishes from cousin Lorraine and sincerely hoping you enjoy “happy researching.”

One small voice ?!

I admit to being one of the “deplorable” individuals a political party regularly criticizes. Just one small voice but I’m here to declare that I will NOT be watching the Olympics and I will not be watching NBC.

“Beauty in the eye of the beholder”

“Blue” is my favorite color and the “tree” (above) is my favorite “tree.” All those icons are so unique; I’ve never seen a tree like this.

By contrast, my “tree” is drab and boring!!

Anna France — Lorraine’s 2nd cousin 4x removed of husband of 4th cousin 1x removed
Birth: 6 Oct 1802, Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Death: 15 Apr 1887, Canon City, Fremont, Colorado, USA

Bill Cook’s fourth great-grandmother.

“Winter” in Waco

“The old lady” gets so bored laying in bed wide awake!!

More details later.


Wide awake and still pursuing information about a disputed Michael France. Searching the Internet, I discovered a goldmine of information in that book!!

I wish I had some energy to get dressed and go outdoors for a few minutes. Maybe ride the three-wheeler?

Wishy-washy !!

I hobbled down to the dumpster with a small bag of trash–and went to the mailbox. As you can see, it has been a while since I went to the mailbox. I am such a contradiction (“wishy-washy”): My head says “do this” but my body says “DON’T” (and “won’t”). My legs ache (and are rubbed with IcyHot). My derriere is so tired of sitting!! I can’t get interested in TV; I spend too much time at the computer. I’m vacillating between being hungry and not being hungry. I haven’t the energy to prepare a meal but, actually, I’m not hungry. I try to stand outside of myself and give “the old lady” a pep talk. She has a hearing problem!!

Time Has Made a Change in Me by the Oak Ridge Boys.

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Crazy maker !!

This collage is the culmination of several days’ research. Too many subscribers to Ancestry listed my immigrant ancestor, Michael Frantz, as their ancestor. On Ancestry, extensive research did not provide answers as I sought the accurate progenitor. This afternoon, I turned to Wiki Tree and FamilySearch for information. I have no guarantee that FamilySearch has 100% accurate information but appears more substantial than information on Ancestry. This image (this collage) is attached to the many individuals and, hopefully, subscribers to Ancestry will consult this documentation. ~~ Now, some peace of mind (?) as I try to recover from almost one month of undesirable health problems.