Why do I do what I do ??

#1: A message request was received. #2: There was too little information so assistance was declined. #3: However, “detective Lorraine” (with her obsessive-compulsive behavior) started searching. #4: Hours later… and no positive documentation regarding Britini Jones. My incomplete data suggests she is my second cousin two-times-removed.


Message sent: Britini, I have spent the morning searching your family. If I have everything correct, you are my second cousin two-times removed. Here is a link to my tree: (intentionally limited information on the blog). ~~ If you are familiar with the features of “copy” and “paste” information, you should “copy” the link I have provided and “paste” it into your Internet browser. That will take you to the man I supposed is your father. From there, you can move around in my database (“tree”) and see all the relatives I have documented. If you send me your email address, I can send you an invitation to my tree so it is easy for you to access my tree. ~~ Very best wishes from cousin Lorraine and sincerely hoping you enjoy “happy researching.”

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