Another visitor !!

Elbert with the snake

Snake in the grass

Snake at Elbert's feetSnake in the grass. No joke!! The gardener saw it in my yard while he was mowing the field. He knocked on my door so I could get pictures. ~~ I welcome armadillos, birds, geckos, moles, Smiley face thumbs up thumbs down (best)& squirrels but reject snakes in my yard!!

4 comments on “Another visitor !!

  1. That one looks like it might be poisonous!!!!

  2. Ann Chapman says:

    Here’s a website with Texas venomous snakes, in case you haven’t already seen it:

  3. Deb says:

    Good grief! Why are they all heading for your place all of a sudden?

    • BAD grief!! Deb, I do not know why they are in and near my yard. However, other residents have a problem, too. In the nearby RV Park, a Copperhead was killed a week ago. This past week, a snake (unknown kind) in the “basement” of the trailer home of another CARE resident. ~~ I’m watching where I go and what I do IN THE GARDEN. My new concern: The tarp shelter. There are lots of planters, and garden stuff, stacked in there and a good hiding place for a snake.

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