Too much work

Angel Wing BegoniaA CARE resident walked by my yard mid-morning and said “Too much work.” My reply: “It’s such good exercise; it’s a great place to work.” She persisted: “Too much work.” ~~ Later, a lady stopped by to pick up the Angel Wing Begonia. (I was the “foster parent.”) She, on-the-other-hand, raved about how beautiful it looks. So I am delighted someone appreciates my hobby. 😉

Freeze-frame: A morning in the life of your blogger.

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Postscript, four o’clock PM: Thanks to a reader, I now have details about Wax Begonia. As I read about soil requirements, I marveled that my plants have thrived. Especially that root-bound old Begonia in worn-out soil in that planter!!

5 comments on “Too much work

  1. It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it.

    • Yes, Mary Beth, it’s a matter of perspective. As the old saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, maybe that doesn’t apply but the thought came to mind.

      The temperature went up two degrees in the last seven to ten minutes (since I “sent” the comment to Julie). It is now 88 degrees outdoors.

      Sending hugs!!

  2. Julie says:

    The plant you beautifully nurtured and cared for is a wax begonia, not an angel wing begonia. You do such a good job and provide a space for pleasurable viewing and contemplation; I, too, have extensive gardens and when the neighbors walk by and comment, it’s great fun to thank them for their appreciation. I had to think that it was a grumpy old gent that said it was too much work; I might be wrong, but that’s the image that popped in my head when I read your comments. Happy gardening!

  3. Julie says:

    Re-reading, I saw your gender identification, but I still picture a grumpy old gent. Cheers!

  4. Dear Julie,

    So-o-o-o-o good to hear from you again!! It has been “awhile.”

    No, not a grumpy old man. A grumpy old woman!! I live at a facility where people come to die. Honestly!! At the noon meal, I was sitting at a table with a staff member and a volunteer (just the three of us). A guest was at the adjacent table and three long-time CARE residents were talking about themselves and one resident said “We come here to die.” At our table, we heard the comment. I said “It’s true.” The staff member said “But it sounds so cold to hear it expressed that way.”

    “Grumpy old woman” has her hands full with an unhealthy spouse. So many people here in frail health. I am so-o-o-o-o-o-o blessed to be in good health!! Perhaps, in small part, because I spend time exercising my body and spirit working in my yard?!

    I like to believe my yard affirms me when mankind doesn’t. Example: The Elephant Ear plants (mentioned in yesterday’s blog message) have obviously loved my time and attention. It seems to me they are always waving “hello” with their great big leaves. The recent-purchase mark-down Impatiens are blooming like crazy. The two vines I dug up because the departing residents were concerned… are doing well.

    Thanks for correcting me about the name of the Begonia. I’ll go on-line and read about that variety. That planter came to me last Fall so I could store it under my tarp shelter (so it wouldn’t freeze). It was so neglected with long ugly branches, and dead branches. Frankly, I didn’t “do” anything with it last Fall but trimmed it this Spring, and gave it fertilizer. All the trimmed limbs went into planters and I have six or seven “youth” that may grow up to be beautiful like the parent?! As the plant(s) mature, I’ll send them over to our Thrift ‘n Gift shop for sale.

    I’ve had great success with Kalanchoe plants. Last Fall, a resident in the nearby RV Park gave me about a dozen cuttings off her plant and said “Stick them in the ground.” I did… (in planters) and they are blooming regularly (and I thought they were Fall-blooming plants).

    Hot and humid 86 degrees outdoors as I type this. Over 90 degrees in the cement slab area where my Garden Tower sits, and several tomato planters. It won’t be long (weather wise) until I’ll need to roll the Garden Tower and tomato planters under the shade cloth area (mid-afternoon).

    Sending very best wishes; happy gardening!!


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