Mandevilla experiment update

Several months ago I published a blog message titled Mandevilla Experiment. Prior to that: Indoor Project. I’ve waited almost seven months to declare “success.” From time to time I refer to myself as “silly old senior.” Today, it makes this “silly old senior” very happy to see the open blossom!! Contrary to my earlier comment about “parent plant looking good on June first,” parent plant has been in neutral (didn’t grow and didn’t die). Fifty-three weeks since I purchased that plant and I think it is (belatedly) a colorful addition to my garden. Rereading details about Mandevilla care, I speculate the soil isn’t sandy enough. Gardening is such a worthwhile challenge!!

Mandevilla is blooming

Mandevilla close up

^^^   AFTER   ^^^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ vvv   BEFORE   vvv

Mandevilla parent plant

In the beginning


It's beginning to root

Rooting Mandevilla

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