Not Michelangelo…

…but a painter none the less.

Also spray painted the black wrought-metal hanging baskets (no pictures). ~~ It was tricky to spray paint a planter with the plants inside!! All went well. The Petunias were “no problem” but I doubt I can do likewise with the Begonias.

Transplanted from one to another

One completed

Spray painted with plants upside down

Right side up

Edge and inside not painted

Edge and inside not painted (2)


Bamboo planters on displayAnother spray painted planterFifth planter-of six. ~~ A clearance item, $5.00 can of spray paint made the biodegradable bamboo planters look like new. Too bad they didn’t retain their original rich color.


Begonia will be moved


Postscript, later: I moved the Begonias from planter number six. No expense; I already had the simulated whiskey barrel (plastic) planter.

FYI: Planter trivia !!

Holes drilled in bottom of free plantersIn earlier blog messages I discussed my delight with free planters. Look at the price of these planters. ~~ I’m receiving daily email messages from a dozen different Internet garden centers. Not always, but frequently, I click and read if they indicate they are having a sale. I shudder at so-called sale prices and shout “hallelujah” when I think of my large, sturdy free containers from the farm store. The only reason I saw the (not on sale) Tuscan Rolled Rim Planters is because the web site is advertising a small greenhouse with substantial discount and free shipping. (My next project: A small [winter] greenhouse for Garden Tower on the summer sunshine cement pad. Price-wise, I will probably do it myself.”)
White stick figure with DIY sign

Image of person DIY project


Postscript: I must have a champagne appetite on a beer budget?!?! Even on eBay, look at the price of plant dollies.

The cat’s meow !!

Impulse purchase!!

I was shopping at an open-air market (dozens of vendors) and saw the metal, tri-fold, hinged plant hanger. I didn’t “need” it but fell in love at first sight. It has hangers for nine planters. Even before I made the purchase I was thinking “Where will I put it?” At home, I was contemplating locations. I decided to place it next to the support for the awning. Due to some of our high winds–for safety–I tied the stand to the awning support. ~~ I also purchased two small planters with purple Verbena. (The price was right!!)

Plant stand (1)

Plant stand (2)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later: Out of curiosity, I searched the Internet but did not find an item similar to my purchase. This is the only thing I found. I paid less than the shipping…!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, Monday, May 16, 2016: Ye ole story-teller here.

Acquaintances wanted more details so I’ll give you the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey used to say).

On Saturday morning, a resident on a “deeded lot” (Escapees Rainbows End RV Park) was at CARE and commented she might go to Trade Days. I said “In two-and-one-half years, I’ve never been to Trade Days.” She said “shall we go” and I said “yes.” We only browsed, did not spend money. It was “garage sale” Saturday so lots of vendors!! (We had so much “will power.”)

One established vendor (under roof) sells Himalayan Salt Lamps. I visited with him and told him my cord burned out and I hadn’t been able to locate another (Lowe’s, Walmart, etc.). He suggested I come back “next month” and he would repair it. (Trade Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, once a month.)

Himalayan Salt LampYesterday I returned and he repaired. Now I’m thrilled to have it operational. (So many health benefits!!) I showed it off at CARE last evening meal because so many were curious. (Curious because I arrived late for lunch and was talking up a storm about my exciting trip to Trade Days.)

Center of Hope still had their big Garage Sale going on. I bought the very nice, looks-like-new, metal plant stand from them. I was very glad to give them $50.00 for it because such a worthy organization. Later I was curious about how much something like that sells for in a retail store–but couldn’t find with an on-line Internet search.

There you have it, “the rest of the story.”


Counting containers, bird feeders & wind chimes !!



Number one with eyes and starsOne hundred


Number four with eyes and flowersNumber three with eyes and flowersOne hundred forty-three planters (but that number changes from day-to-day).


Number one yellow color with eyes.pngNumber six red color with eyes
Hanging baskets


Number eight with eyes and flowers
Bird feeders (but that number changes from month to month).


Number six
Wind chimes (but that number is subject to change).
OMG pink color






Just in case you question my infatuation for the garden: Counting containers (planters), wind chimes, and bird feeders.


Equal signNumber one with eyes and starsSilly old senior!!

I live in my garden (poster)

Garden purchases !!

From Lowe’s: Two more caster dollies for planters. (I recognize that I must limit heavy lifting!! Too little strength; too much pain.) I was glad to find “terracotta” spray paint for the clay planters. I spent about an hour in the parking lot looking over many roller carts loaded with discounted plants. The plants revive quickly with tender loving care. (So many plants will end up in the trash!! Inside the garden department, I experienced “sticker shock” because everything is [imho] terribly expensive.)

Purchases from Lowe's

Mark down plants


Clay pot ready for spray paint

Painted clay pot

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, Thursday, May 12, 2016, 11:30 AM: The gardener / blogger was driven indoors by the heat. Working in the yard was like working in a sauna!!

Temperature at eleven

Weighs 25 pounds

Weighs 37 pounds

Planters with dollies back to original location


Another Impatiens


Lobelia in hanging planter

Two Calibrachoa

Large planter with Calibrachoa


The two new “mark down” Calibrachoa (Million Bells) will be added to the large planter. Adding red, and pink, to the display.

Trite but true ??

One day at a time!!

Trellis for an unknown vineYours truly isn’t a landscape designer. I improve my yard from day-to-day. The lattice trellis has been (neglected) in my yard for over a year. Just today I decided where to put it. Recently, a neighbor lady gave me several seedlings of a climbing plant*. I hope it will grow in the shade because no space on the south side (sunny side) of my trailer home. Trellis, planters, etc.: Eventually (hopefully) valuable additions to my garden.

Two more planters were spray painted (one not photographed). Table was repositioned. ~~ Extremely hot and humid today!!

* With 20/20 hindsight, I believe I was told the seedlings are Hummingbird Vine. Everyone knows I have plants to attract Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Bees.


Ugly planter

Before and after

Repositioned the table and chairs

Temperature at one


Bamboo planter in hanging basket

Bamboo planters on displayPostscript, May 14, 2016: Flashback to the original purchase (September 2014) and location of four (of six) planters.

Mundane Monday !!

First thing this morning, I drove to the nearby laundry room in the adjacent RV Park. Three loads later (home again), I was ready to tackle projects in my garden. Yesterday I suddenly decided to spray paint two hanging baskets and a planter. I went shopping… and now have a variety of colors. Honestly, I only had two spray cans in my shopping cart but discovered the “clearance” aisle. The “textured” paint was discounted fifty per cent so I went from practical to preferred!! The bamboo planters are “just the right size” for the hanging baskets but are faded. There are five more begging my attention. ~~ Oh woe is me: So much garden and so little space!! Quite unexpectedly, the table and chairs were delivered. I’m running out of places to put things!! Decisions, decisions!! (But I’ll leave that for another day.) It is 3:33 PM as I type this and need to put laundry away. ~~ Square dancing tonight.

Spray paint project

Hanging basket and planter

Textured spray paint


Sixteen hanging baskets

Air-dry my clothes

Garden table and chairs returned

Mother’s Day 2016

mothers-day-clip-art-flowersRemember, I was aiming” to reach several goals prior to Mother’s Day?? I’m satisfied with my accomplishments!! What a relief to get the two BIG jobs done. I changed my mind about making round stepping-stones (eighty-eight cent square ones are equally serviceable).

Two square stepping stones

Need for stepping stones

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Planters in front of trailer


Considering the number of plants–and planters–in my yard, I changed my mind about purchasing more plants “prior to Mother’s Day.” I’m confident the plants will find me (in due time).

Blanket of Prayer

A Mother’s Blanket of Prayer


When you were young

And it was cold outside

With a blanket

I covered you with care.


Now that you are older

And the world is much colder,

I now cover you with

A blanket of prayer.


Author unknown

Praying hands with Bible