Aiming for Mother’s Day !!

There’s a strange array of planters in my yard; most plants are new and different. Remember, I’m the “foster parent” to a lot of neglected orphan plants. Today, I set a goal to have my yard “picture perfect” before Mother’s Day. It’s good to have a goal?!

  1. The tarp shelter needs to be emptied and items returned in an organized fashion.
  2. A section of cement paving blocks need to be lifted, soil leveled, and blocks replaced.
  3. Because I can’t locate round paving blocks–for stepping-stones–I’ll buy cement and make my own!!
  4. Perhaps (probably) some mark-down plants (from Lowe’s) for the planters in front of my trailer home.

The list is endless; these are just a few.

Aiming at the target hoping to hit the goal

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