Day-mare !!

Opposite of nightmare!!

Seventy-three degrees under tarp shelter“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!” The sensor hanging inside the tarp shelter indicated it would be cool and comfortable to approach the reorganization project. I’ve been embarrassed by the clutter when guests visit my garden!!


North side; getting started

North side, getting started


South side

More south side

East side reorganized

More east side reorganized


Clutter in the yardMost of the clutter had to “come out” before it could “go in.” Some of the storage containers had gathered unwanted rain water. I gave the saucers “a lick and a promise” before packing them away. I have planters, and saucers, for Hen ‘n Chicks, Christmas Cactus, and Money Moss (for sale at Thrift ‘n Gift).


Washed saucers (1)

Washed saucers (2)


West side

West side

South side

Coconut fiber for planters


Eighty-five degrees under tarp shelter


Seriously, I perceive that I have a use for everything stored under the tarp shelter. As I handled “stuff,” I recognized a place–in the garden–for numerous things. Example: Plant stands and other items to elevate my planters. (I’m passionate about having my planters off the ground or off the patio.) ~~ The tarp has become tattered from the wind, and leaks “like a sieve” when it rains. The dehydrated “bricks” of coconut fiber got wet and you can see how they expanded (now stored in the white pails).

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