Perfectionist at play !!

More cement blocks

Cool and comfortable

Getting started

Ready to move the storage box

Storage container moved

Before the first block was moved

Note that block is too high

Too high because pipe not deep enough

Dug up pipe

ArmadilloThe soil under my trailer home is very soft because an Armadillo dug a deep hole. The pipe was necessary to support the cement blocks.


Tools for the job

All this in two hours

Weights on front and corners

Completed and clean

The blocks are so heavy

Pleasant but windy

Eventually the caster shelves on the blocksConfession: Heavy work but a project that has nagged at me for weeks. With the rearrangement of tarp shelter yesterday, and blocks today, To do listI can mark two items off my lengthy “to do” list.


I'm a perfectionist (poster)
LOL with smiley face

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