Garden purchases !!

From Lowe’s: Two more caster dollies for planters. (I recognize that I must limit heavy lifting!! Too little strength; too much pain.) I was glad to find “terracotta” spray paint for the clay planters. I spent about an hour in the parking lot looking over many roller carts loaded with discounted plants. The plants revive quickly with tender loving care. (So many plants will end up in the trash!! Inside the garden department, I experienced “sticker shock” because everything is [imho] terribly expensive.)

Purchases from Lowe's

Mark down plants


Clay pot ready for spray paint

Painted clay pot

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, Thursday, May 12, 2016, 11:30 AM: The gardener / blogger was driven indoors by the heat. Working in the yard was like working in a sauna!!

Temperature at eleven

Weighs 25 pounds

Weighs 37 pounds

Planters with dollies back to original location


Another Impatiens


Lobelia in hanging planter

Two Calibrachoa

Large planter with Calibrachoa


The two new “mark down” Calibrachoa (Million Bells) will be added to the large planter. Adding red, and pink, to the display.

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