Mundane Monday !!

First thing this morning, I drove to the nearby laundry room in the adjacent RV Park. Three loads later (home again), I was ready to tackle projects in my garden. Yesterday I suddenly decided to spray paint two hanging baskets and a planter. I went shopping… and now have a variety of colors. Honestly, I only had two spray cans in my shopping cart but discovered the “clearance” aisle. The “textured” paint was discounted fifty per cent so I went from practical to preferred!! The bamboo planters are “just the right size” for the hanging baskets but are faded. There are five more begging my attention. ~~ Oh woe is me: So much garden and so little space!! Quite unexpectedly, the table and chairs were delivered. I’m running out of places to put things!! Decisions, decisions!! (But I’ll leave that for another day.) It is 3:33 PM as I type this and need to put laundry away. ~~ Square dancing tonight.

Spray paint project

Hanging basket and planter

Textured spray paint


Sixteen hanging baskets

Air-dry my clothes

Garden table and chairs returned

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