FYI: Planter trivia !!

Holes drilled in bottom of free plantersIn earlier blog messages I discussed my delight with free planters. Look at the price of these planters. ~~ I’m receiving daily email messages from a dozen different Internet garden centers. Not always, but frequently, I click and read if they indicate they are having a sale. I shudder at so-called sale prices and shout “hallelujah” when I think of my large, sturdy free containers from the farm store. The only reason I saw the (not on sale) Tuscan Rolled Rim Planters is because the web site is advertising a small greenhouse with substantial discount and free shipping. (My next project: A small [winter] greenhouse for Garden Tower on the summer sunshine cement pad. Price-wise, I will probably do it myself.”)
White stick figure with DIY sign

Image of person DIY project


Postscript: I must have a champagne appetite on a beer budget?!?! Even on eBay, look at the price of plant dollies.

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