A unique journey

For the first time, I visited Ancestry’s “DNA Story for Lorraine Frantz.”  That was extremely interesting!! Why did I go to that site? I wanted to see if “eighth cousin” had taken a DNA test (which would explain her presence on Ancestry but teeny-tiny “tree.” Saturday afternoon must attract a lot of folks to Ancestry.com. I got the message “Our backend services are overtaxed at the moment and we are unable to retrieve all your matches. We apologize for the inconvenience, please try again later.”  I did see “cousins by the dozens” but most have “no tree.” (How curious; “Je ne comprends pas”!) And then (disgustingly) there are individuals with a “private tree” that we can’t access. ‘Twas interesting but “a waste of my precious time.”

Trash and treasures

Next time I drive into Livingston, I’ll take the heavy (50#?) package to the Post Office. Love Packages is a Christian organization that sends Bibles and Christian literature to missionaries and Christians around the world. ~~ Next time I drive the KIA, I’ll put the bag of trash in the dumpster here at the RV Park. ~~ “Driven” indoors by the humidity!!

Commendable ??

Two (2) things: I needed more “fresh food” and I needed to unload the KIA (to make room for more donations). Last night I showered off all my grime so was clean and “presentable” to meet the public. Three (3) deliveries: Oasis Thrift Shop with clothes and shoes, Habitat for Humanity with miscellaneous household, and the Library with four (heavy) bags of books.

A remarkable experience as I was walking out the door headed for Livingston. A lady I had never met approached me and said she wants all my plants. She is a new neighbor and the yard is naked. She seems to be “in love with gardening” and admires my beautiful plants in planters. The “yard sale” sign is no longer on display but she hoped things were still available. Hallelujah!! ~~ No hurry; I’ll still have my “pretties” for a while because “new neighbor” hasn’t moved in yet. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to find two or three strong men, and a trailer, to move the planters. True story: I had worded a new “yard sale” ad and considered stopping at the local newspaper office.

“Early to bed, early to rise, …

…makes a  man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

With my mug of coffee, I’m ready to dash outdoors to tackle more downsizing projects. An awesome sixty-five degrees outdoors!! ~~ Absolutely NO interest in watching the TV coverage of Muller before Congress.

Yours truly is “healthy” but not “wealthy.” Someone else needs to comment on the measure of my wisdom.

Point A to point B ?!



Multi-tasking: Doing laundry while working to “donate” and “discard.” Because my landlady and her stepson are extremely unhealthy, I sanitize the washing machine before I wash my clothes. (Remember, we no longer have hot water and landlady refuses to allow me to purchase a new tank!!) I sanitize with a “super” load of water, a cup of bleach, and a cup of OxiClean (but I’m not sure that is a substitute for “hot” water). Personally, I do not use bleach–or OxiClean–but “what’s a gal to do?”. (I prefer an organic soap product that’s good for the septic tank–and my clothes.)