Very good news !!

Last night I relied on herbal sleepy time tea rather than a “sleeping aid.” Not a full night’s sleep but awake and feeling fine at 7:00 AM. No “hangover” (and I didn’t have any booze). Doctor Oz talked about the “after affects” (hangover) using over-the-counter aids (a problem I’d experienced). Therefore, I had a better approach to today; I got more tasks accomplished this morning.

This afternoon, I was moving planters and other garden decorations and did not feel tired and sluggish. Hallelujah!! Twenty-four hours ago, it would never have occurred to me to shift planters. HOWEVER, the landlady has returned after one year of (1) hip surgery, (2) rehab, (3) convalescent facility, (4) months with a daughter, and (5) months with hr sister. She saw me in the yard and walked across the driveway and greeted me with “We have a problem.”  (“Yes” just like that!!) She explained that my planters were over the leach line and the weight (of planters and garden decorations) are “too heavy.”  **If** a problem, I would have to pay the $4,000.00 for repairs. So I moved a lot of planters… and (perhaps) more things tomorrow. Hopefully, the exercise helped my aching shoulder, and neck? ~~ Remember how pretty this corner looked?

Good news: The squirrel figured out how to get the corn from “the Twister.” I was “permitted” to stand five feet away and watch the antics. 

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