Tuesday “Harvey” report


Gratefully, inside my trailer home is dry. Sadly, one resident says she is “bailing water.” I’ve lived in this trailer forty-three months and paid TWICE for roof repairs. “Wise” about roof repair, “dumb” today at eight o’clock. Without a raincoat, I dashed out to take a picture of the rain gauge (and empty it), Almost soaked in two or three minutes!! Evident by limited amount of rain in the gauge, we have experienced limited rainfall the past twenty-four hours.

(Have you noticed my dedication to details? I like to take pictures “on the hour.”}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Postscript 12 noon ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

#1: Ignore the blue line route; “we” use 59/69. #2: President Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and others are in Texas. We saw a recent news conference. ~~ The maps give my out-of-state readers an idea where we (CARE residents) are located. The second map shows one of the newest areas of concern: Kingwood. That is a very large subdivision area–and it is flooded. 


One of two trips to Kingwood documented on my blog. That “larger than a Walmart” H.E.B. market has been open during recent several days of horrific weather. We hear the H.E.B. chain-of-markets (big business) sent truckloads of food to the shelters. One shelter has nine-thousand (9,000) evacuees!!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Postscript 3:30 PM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excellent information, today, on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) 700 Club. I had a “need” to see “Harvey” from “other than” the local news broadcast. Additionally, there was a very informative interview with Kellyanne Conway about her friendship and working relationship with President Donald Trump. ~~ (With my “through-the-air” antenna, I have fewer TV stations [and that’s OK with me] and Houston NBC has, understandably, preempted all other programming. Probably won’t see America’s Got Talent.)

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