Tremendous Thursday !!

tremendous-in-pretty-pinkPre-planned, two CARE residents and a CARE volunteer drove to a huge H.E.B. market in Kingwood, Texas (an hour southwest of Livingston). This market sells prime cuts of meat, and lots of organics. This shopping experience was better than a trip to Disney World (imho). This location has bulk foods, “health food store” items, awesome bakery and deli. George is an accomplished cook and frequently serves dinner parties at his trailer home; he wanted quality meat. (Livingston’s H.E.B. is small.) ~~ A “perk” at CARE: A stylist comes every Thursday to cut and pamper “the old folks.” Before my “tremendous,” enjoyable outing, Joe cut and styled my hair.


Joe just cut and styled my hair

Getting ready to shop

George in meat department

Lorraine in organics veggie department

After shopping

Jason's Deli

George with corned beef sandwich

Grayce with Reuben sandwich

Grayce with ice cream cone

Groceries cost $192.00

Seriously, I needed the hair cut, style, and outing (and groceries). Tomorrow: Back to shuffle of boxes.

2 comments on “Tremendous Thursday !!

  1. Grayce says:

    Beautiful layout of pics to document a most enjoyable afternoon!

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