Truth be told #2

I’m so-o-o-o depressed!! I will not turn off the TV or change the channel; I feel compelled to watch the continuous coverage of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. I opened a bottle of SAM-e to take medication for depression. (Truth be told!!) It will be several days before it actually elevates my mood?!

In an effort to move from huddled position in my easy chair, I returned to the scanning project. Several days ago I brought boxes of genealogy into my trailer home (ahead of the storm). I only have “wiggle room” in my living room.  😦  This is a healthy diversion (imho).  🙂

For comparison: The wonders of “live” television, remarkable computers, and WiFi, versus another era. Here is a picture of my great-great-great-grandmother Aletha Coffin (1798-1891). Yes, she actually spun material with that wheel (not a prop).

Lorraine’s Great-great-great-Grandmother Aletha Coffin

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Postscript 6:00 PM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was so extremely encouraging to receive the following email message from a T@B Teardrop Trailer Travels friend. (One… of several. “Thank you, friends.”)

I am so sorry you and a large chunk of SE Texas are going through this terrible time, and I too have been following the news pretty closely, although from the safety of California (I was going to say “and comfort” but it’s 108 degrees today).  I  hope you keep safe.  It’s hard for me to see from the weather maps how Livingston is doing.  It looks like you will get more rain, but maybe not so much that you get flooded out of your home and the Care center(?)
I do find your leadership in the Texas governor and the Mayor of Houston to be quite impressive.  I am also inspired by all of the neighbors and total strangers who are helping rescue people.  I have been depressed myself by the news from Charlottesville and the growing political divide in our country.  Your tragedy, as bad as it is, shows that we can still work together as human beings.  No one, as far as I can tell, is checking on someone’s political views before they rescue them….A lesson to us all.
I hope you continue to be safe.  I have heard that exercise helps with depression as much as most drugs.  I’m not sure how you would manage exercise in a cramped trailer, so perhaps this is no help to you…perhaps if you go out for a walk (or swim) or bench press some of your files that need to be scanned?
Anyway, keep up the good work.  You are doing all that anyone can do in such a stressful situation.  You inspire me.

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