Another contrast !!

In between “start” and “stop”…

Neighbor-lady, landlord, accosted me (1) accusing me of removing plants from front yard: “Where are the azalea bushes?”  I assured her I did not remove any of the plants but she didn’t accept my answer. (2) Demanding return of “her” wind chimes; (3) Access to the flag pole “because Ray liked to fly the flag” (and Ray died more than eight years ago). ~~ You ask: “Why are these complaints arising now?”  She was gone for twelve months of the thirteen months I’ve lived here. ~~ Not one word of appreciation for beautifying the “many-years-neglected” yard.

Gratefully, I’m heating homemade vegetable soup for evening meal. (No energy required.) Beautiful afternoon with lots of exercise. First: A long walk with my friend and her dog; second, yard work.

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