Poor Lorraine’s stained glass !!

Bottles picture from the west

Bottles picture from the east


Late afternoon sunshine on my bottle tree and bottle bush. Aren’t they pretty? Roger drank the beer and returned the bottles. Blue and green glass replaced clear, and green, vases. I have more-than-enough; I can stop shopping the thrift stores!! (More-than-enough because, in due time, I’ll have eighteen more blue, and green bottles!!)  ~~ Check this website for interesting Bottle Tree History. I like the narrative about colored bottles being the “poor man’s stained glass.” I ignore the superstitious stuff; that’s not a problem for me.

~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday’s pictures above; today’s pictures below.

I took down the red, white and blue display (in the neighbor”s yard). Before hanging it in my “yarden,” I sanded off the rust and sprayed a protective coat of Rust-Oleum. (With 20/20 hindsight, I should have spray painted before I hung it the first time!! “Too soon old, too late smart!”)

Before sanding off rust

Before spray painting

After spray painting

Beautiful blue bottles

All blue bottles from sky hook


My yard in April 2014

Visitors welcome

smiley-face-with-cameraInteresting footnote: The picture with hanging blue bottles is number nine-thousand-seven-hundred (9700.) I searched but could not find number one. Here is number six-hundred-forty (640) on April 20, 2014. Wouldn’t you agree, my “yarden” has experienced a remarkable change in thirty-one months.

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