Tying up loose ends !!

Frittering time away after a trip to the chiropractor. I don’t want to tackle the “down and dirty” projects!!

Naked backyard patio area

Garden hose for Honeysuckle, and note...

Recycling cardboard & plastic

Storage room items

Where I lay my head

Last two red accessories

Message for Sept. 27th

Ugly front yard

IMHO, a really ugly naked patio!! I’m leaving a garden hose stretched to the Honeysuckle in hopes the gardener will water it occasionally. I’m very conscientious about recycling cardboard, plastic & glass (and donations to charitable organizations). Time to make decisions about remaining “stuff” in the storage room. Time to pack the last two red accessories (red was the accent color in my living room). IMHO, a really ugly naked front yard!!

Postscript, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, 12 noon: Twenty-one hours until the truck arrives. I still have things to pack but believe I’m almost ready. ~~ Before and current picture of Pandora’s Garden.

My other garden

Neglected garden

Living room boxed items

3 comments on “Tying up loose ends !!

  1. Jimmy Crawford says:

    Once you have moved into the Tab and spent the final night in NC, when you pull out on the highway, it will be like you have been born again…your new life will unfold in front of you.

  2. “What did they complain about?” It was their opinion that the garden should be “just flowers; no bird feeders, no picnic table, no toy box; just flowers.”

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