“T” Day !!

Capital T

The “truck” arrived at 8:30.  Everything loaded before 1:00. Appropriate “things” have been “transported” from the apartment to the “trailer.” It’s 4:30 and “tired” old lady had a “terrific” refreshing shower and is almost ready to “travel” a couple of miles to enjoy a meal with a former coworker. “Time” to go!! “Tomorrow” I will return to the apartment to finish cleaning.

Postscript, Thursday, October 3rd, 2013, 8:00 PM: Using DSL hook-up in the Activity Center of JAARS RV Park, I was able to upload pictures.

Up at dawn

Preparing to put Nikken mattress in storage bag

In the kitchen (1)

In the kitchen (2)

Best clothing in garment bag

Hall closet area

Alcove opposite kitchen

Missionary Transport sign

The truck has arrived

Getting started

Truck arrived at 8:30

Two strong young men













A lady-friend insisted I remain seated and visit with her rather than “help” the movers. Frankly, I had boxes that needed to be taped, and pictures to take, but I knew there was wisdom behind the insistence. ~~ I had to switch cameras because the Samsung batteries were exhausted, and I didn’t know where I packed the new AA batteries!! Therefore most pictures don’t have a time stamp but are in consecutive order.

Tony Trowbridge

Garden stuff

Only a few of the many boxes

One corner of bedroom/storeroom

Adding things

Half full

"No, no, that doesn't need to be wrapped."

Endless amount of stuff

My easy chair

Easy chair on the truck

What's that?

That's it!!

Two "old timers"

Stuff "stuffed" in the KIA

Lord Botetourt says "Is it time to go?"

I still had Internet

So sad living room

So sad, bedroom/storeroom

So sad, empty back yard

At the T@B (but not hitched up)

Stuff "stuffed" in the T@B

View through side window to the door

From open side window toward the door and opposite side of trailer

Through the window, inside back of the trailer

From the door toward the open side window

Bed is made; ready to call it a day

It was hot in the trailer, even with door and windows open

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