Escape into cyberspace

That’s me; I crawled into the computer. I was so sad and depressed watching and listening to the news about the war in Ukraine. FOX News has extremely detailed information from reporters in Ukraine. I barely came up for air: Genealogy, genealogy, genealogy plus corn chips and ice cream. The reporters had heartbreaking interviews with residents. I turned the TV off but continued my research. Here is an image describing individuals that received my detailed attention. That was as complicated as solving a Rubik Cube.


I received an interesting Ancestry  message today. A man in the United Kingdom has been reading my documentation of the Traxler family (my paternal grandmother was a Traxler). His “tree” isn’t much bigger than a potted plant so I’m happy that my research will help a “cousin” in a far-away country. Perhaps, in time, he will supply family information to benefit all Traxler researchers?

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