Clumsy old lady…

…took a bad fall!!

Aches and pains; no broken bones. Took awhile to get up and my major concern: I didn’t have my cell phone with 5-Star (panic button). Ignoring the pain, I watered all the plants, dumped the pail with A/C condensation, etc., etc. However, I’m in “slow gear” today.


FYI: This blog is my “journal” so I document the things happening in my every day life.

One comment on “Clumsy old lady…

  1. Deb says:

    Ice and ibuprofen (both help wth pain as well as swelling) are you friend when you have a painful injury. After awhile, when it settles down, and is more a dull ache than a significant pain, switch to heat. You can make your own gel ice packs with zip lock freezer bags, 2 cups water, and 1 cup rubbing alcohol. Double bag it to be sure in case it leaks. Some people use bags of corn syrup, and in a pinch, even a bag of dish soap not left too long will work. And of course, salt will keep water from freezing solid, and you could put some of that in a bag of water to give you the gel like consistency. We even have a few handmade fleece bags filled with corn that make great “ice” packs. I’ve seen bags at craft shows made with rice, too (and you can also stick the in the microwave for heat packs).

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