NON-adventure !!

I left home at 8:00 AM fortified with 5-Hour Energy. Most of the drive to the cardiologist’s doctor’s office was tolerable. First, I visited “an old friend” Panera and enjoyed my old standby: Whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese, and Hazelnut coffee. From there, I was hopelessly lost.  I plugged my Garmin (2010 purchase) into the socket and waited more than five minutes while it was “acquiring satellite.” Eventually, I reached my destination. I was in the medical building at 9:50 ahead of my 10:05 appointment. The half-hour visit with the doctor was gratifying.

Back in my vehicle (about 11:00), I asked for directions to Jason’s Deli (because I was already aware that Jason’s was in that vicinity). Traffic was terrible!! I loved the salad I prepared at Jason’s. There are not enough words to adequately describe the confusing drive home. The Garmin aggravating woman’s voice constantly advised “recalculating.” She wanted to put me on Interstate35. I will not drive on I-35. Then I was in familiar territory and I detoured to my pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Home at 2:05 PM.

I give 200% credit to constant prayer for protection (to and from). Quite possibly, I was an accident waiting to happen? ~~ In difficult moments, seek God; in every moment, thank God.

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