Oh, woe is me !!

A story on the 11 o’clock news caught my attention last night.  It was about Kudzu bugs and I made a mental note to check Ask.com.  I searched… and now I know that is the bug that has been feasting on my Scarlet Runner Bean vines (and earlier, my tomato plants).  Beautiful flowers on Scarlet Runner attracts the Hummingbirds.  This is an unwanted pest in my backyard garden!!  I’ve had the little nuisance for several months but how would I do a Google search (or Ask search) if I couldn’t identify it?!  Fortunately, I have not been aware of their distinction as a “stink bug.”  ~~  Little did I know–when I planted my backyard garden–how often I would consult the World Wide Web for information.  I searched for appropriate flowers to attract the Hummingbirds; I searched for information regarding Bluebirds, and succeeded in  wooing them to my Bluebird houses; and I searched for information about growing Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants.  Isn’t the Internet awesome?? (FYI: The above pictures came from the Internet. I tried to get a good image [that could be enlarged via a crop] but they are quite small–about the size of a ladybug–and the image is blurred.  However, on the right, a leaf in my garden ruined by Kudzu bugs.)

One comment on “Oh, woe is me !!

  1. Deb says:

    Oh, THAT’S what does that. I’ve probably seen them, and have heard references to stink bugs many times, but could not have identified one.

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