Sunday afternoon activities

Unexplained incentive to do more tasks in the kitchen. More things done in the yard too. In response to a comment on my blog message about baked potatoes, I said:

Earlier today I took the pound of bacon out of the freezer (to thaw). For the last hour I have been frying it off. I haven’t had bacon in my house, or refrigerator, or freezer for thirty years!! (Maybe forty years??) Well, I decided to have some “crisp bacon” to sprinkle (a little) on a baked potato. I also am soaking beans for a big kettle of beans–with a few slices of bacon for flavor–and a little bacon grease. Remember one of the residents brought me a lot of groceries (including a five-pound bag of potatoes) and I decided (today) to use it (the bacon). Makes sense to me that I utilize the gift food from two of my new Waco family. I also intend to make a potato soup with a couple slices of bacon and some bacon grease. Yes, I planned to make “hash browns” with a couple of the boiled potatoes. Two for one meal, two for a second meal. Strangely, I got into the meal preparation mood today. Furthermore, I got a lot done in the yard.

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