Keeping busy !!

Square dancing cartoonOne… for the money;

Two… for the show;

Three… to get ready;

and four… go, go, go!!

One: Very little money so items purchased at the Thrift Shops.

Two: The following pictures are “for the show”

Three: I’m getting my square dance wardrobe ready!!

Four: “Go, go, go” to the big square dance event in the Activity Center right here at the Escapee RV Park. (Three days at end of this month.)

Black top; black & white skirt

Red skirt; multi-color top

Denim vest with white shirt

Denim vest with badges (front)

Denim vest with badges (back)

Denim jacket

Denim skirt



Fifty years ago, I had an authentic square dance wardrobe: Dresses with full circle skirts, huge crinoline petticoats, and fancy “pettipants.” ~~ 2014-15: It would be impossible to store that type wardrobe in my trailer home!! ~~ Yesterday, I spent hours meticulously arranging badges–from “yesteryear”–on a recently acquired denim vest. (Both dresses have full skirts.)

Afterthought (after publication): The badges, and fun dangles, were accumulated over a period of a dozen years (1965-1977). “Way back when”… they were displayed on a banner. After decades in a cardboard box they are now a “conversation piece” (at local square dance club)!!


One comment on “Keeping busy !!

  1. […] Blog communication is limited to this brief note. Visit an earlier publication for pictures of my square dance wardrobe. I’ll also wear that apron (click to enlarge… so you can read the humorous […]

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