Gardening vicariously !!

This morning, I ordered a number of plants for my garden. It is a cold, rainy day but delightful to hover over a gardening catalog. Left to right: Mosquito Shoo Geranium, Trumpet Vine (for the Hummingbirds), Hardy Blue Geranium, BiColor Butterfly Bush (for [obviously] butterflies and Hummingbirds), and Tristan Strawberry for Lorraine. These are drought resistant and, IMHO, will be a great addition to my garden. None of these have been displayed at my local Walmart or Lowe’s. The Mosquito plant purchased last year never produced blooms. The plant I ordered has lilac-color blooms. ~~ Oops!! Checking the web for articles about these plants, I see that the Trumpet Vine “… may require a several-years-long establishment period before it flowers.” Bummer!!

Mosquito plant

Mosquito Shoo Geranium

Trumpet vine

Hardy Blue Geranium

Bi-color Butterfly Bush

Tristan strawberry

– – –

climbing-trip-l-crop-tomatoThe Trip-L- climbing tomato seed packet was a bonus free gift with my order. Frankly, I prefer heritage tomato plants but will give this a try. On second thought, “no” (I won’t give it a try) because a planter would be inadequate for such a large plant!! (I can’t plant in the soil; I have to use planters.)

– – –

See the tomato??

Tomato plant--indoorsSpeaking of tomatoes, can you see the tomato on the plant I have been nurturing?? This is a “volunteer” plant–heritage–that started all by itself in the late Summer (in the container which, earlier, held a tomato plant).

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