Stepping back in time and history !!

An email inquiry arrived overnight. A “cousin” was asking for information from a book I published in 1996: Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. So, I’ve spent the morning reviewing the information I published to the website almost exactly two years ago (20 Jan 2013). In the process I noted that my father passed from this life fifty years ago (17 Jan 1965). Dad shared very few details about his youth. I was not exposed to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I knew nothing of my ancestry until I began research in 1987. I was (am) thrilled with the information I discovered through exhaustive research!! Double check with magnifying glass~~ Now I am endeavoring to check “links” on that web site and verify if they are still viable. (Fortunately, I’m feeling fine today!!)

An adorable picture !!

Squirrel with comment

– – –

Now this makes me smile (and forget that I’m sick).

To my knowledge, I only have one squirrel that visits my feeders (here). In North Carolina, I had a dozen (or more) squirrels and they would look at me through the sliding glass doors begging for food. My Texas squirrel is furtive; my North Carolina squirrels were aggressive!

Thanks, Deb, for the picture!!

Gardening vicariously !!

This morning, I ordered a number of plants for my garden. It is a cold, rainy day but delightful to hover over a gardening catalog. Left to right: Mosquito Shoo Geranium, Trumpet Vine (for the Hummingbirds), Hardy Blue Geranium, BiColor Butterfly Bush (for [obviously] butterflies and Hummingbirds), and Tristan Strawberry for Lorraine. These are drought resistant and, IMHO, will be a great addition to my garden. None of these have been displayed at my local Walmart or Lowe’s. The Mosquito plant purchased last year never produced blooms. The plant I ordered has lilac-color blooms. ~~ Oops!! Checking the web for articles about these plants, I see that the Trumpet Vine “… may require a several-years-long establishment period before it flowers.” Bummer!!

Mosquito plant

Mosquito Shoo Geranium

Trumpet vine

Hardy Blue Geranium

Bi-color Butterfly Bush

Tristan strawberry

– – –

climbing-trip-l-crop-tomatoThe Trip-L- climbing tomato seed packet was a bonus free gift with my order. Frankly, I prefer heritage tomato plants but will give this a try. On second thought, “no” (I won’t give it a try) because a planter would be inadequate for such a large plant!! (I can’t plant in the soil; I have to use planters.)

– – –

See the tomato??

Tomato plant--indoorsSpeaking of tomatoes, can you see the tomato on the plant I have been nurturing?? This is a “volunteer” plant–heritage–that started all by itself in the late Summer (in the container which, earlier, held a tomato plant).

Bonus weather !!

Time and temperatureThe encouraging word this morning: “Weather will be ten degrees above average.” I spent time in the yard after lunch. Hoping to give the Mosquito plant a boost, I transplanted it to a larger planter–one that compliments the shape of the rain barrels. IMHO, we want to thwart the pesky insects attracted to standing water?!?!

From one planter to another

Mosquito plant

Re-positioned mosquito plant

Honeysuckle and tomato plant

– – –

Wild flowers

Time and temperature with weather stationI arranged and rearranged planters. As soon as convenient, the Cape Honeysuckle will be transplanted to a larger planter. ~~ This weather won’t last; the weatherman says a cold front arrives soon with cold temperature and rain on Thursday. But this beautiful day is so delightful!!

Substitute for Downton Abbey

Because I can’t pick up Public Broadcasting System (PBS) with my recent-purchase television antenna, I watch less popular television stations. Last night, channel-surfing, I found Under Suspicion with Liam Neeson. I really, really want to watch Downton Abbey on Sunday evenings but found myself attentive to a film with a different British setting.

In 1959 Brighton, disgraced cop turned P.I. Tony Aaron falsifies adulteries for use as evidence in divorce cases. His wife pretends to be painter Carlo Stasio’s lover but the pair are killed in a hotel room. The most likely suspects are Angeline, Stasio’s mistress who is set to inherit his house and pictures, and Tony himself, whose story doesn’t seem to add up. Starring Academy Award-nominee Liam Neeson (1993 Best Actor in a Leading Role, Schindler’s List) and Laura San Giacomo (TV’s “Just Shoot Me”).


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ErrorNot much to write about. However, one “shame, shame”: I didn’t bring “Tommy” (tomato plant) into the trailer last night and temperature dipped to 32 degrees. I was so faithful about moving “Tommy” indoors and outdoors. I goofed!!

Before the day ends, we will enjoy 69 or 70 degrees. The last few sunny days have been delightful!!

Time and temperature

Tomato plant looks OK


Keeping busy !!

Square dancing cartoonOne… for the money;

Two… for the show;

Three… to get ready;

and four… go, go, go!!

One: Very little money so items purchased at the Thrift Shops.

Two: The following pictures are “for the show”

Three: I’m getting my square dance wardrobe ready!!

Four: “Go, go, go” to the big square dance event in the Activity Center right here at the Escapee RV Park. (Three days at end of this month.)

Black top; black & white skirt

Red skirt; multi-color top

Denim vest with white shirt

Denim vest with badges (front)

Denim vest with badges (back)

Denim jacket

Denim skirt



Fifty years ago, I had an authentic square dance wardrobe: Dresses with full circle skirts, huge crinoline petticoats, and fancy “pettipants.” ~~ 2014-15: It would be impossible to store that type wardrobe in my trailer home!! ~~ Yesterday, I spent hours meticulously arranging badges–from “yesteryear”–on a recently acquired denim vest. (Both dresses have full skirts.)

Afterthought (after publication): The badges, and fun dangles, were accumulated over a period of a dozen years (1965-1977). “Way back when”… they were displayed on a banner. After decades in a cardboard box they are now a “conversation piece” (at local square dance club)!!


Paddington & Lorraine

Paddington bearLosing my memory is a fear. However, many details of my life experience are vivid!! (Memorable!!!!!!) The movie Paddington is now in theaters. So I checked my T@B Teardrop Travels for this picture of me with this enormous stuffed bear. He was in a unique, wonderful old book store loaded with books, art and collectibles. (Thanks Debbie.)

Click this link to travel to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, July 31, 2010.