The yard beckons !!

BeckonTen o’clock and I’m heading outdoors. It’s 65 degrees (outside) and absolutely beautiful.

– – –

Twelve-thirty noon and lunch time. See what I accomplished this morning?! Well, this, and more!! I “planned ahead” and had the spray paint for table-top. I have an ample supply of trash bags!! Looking good (IMHO)!!

Table needs a face lift

Spray painting table (1)

Spray painting table (2)

Raked leaves

Bagged leaves

Disposed of leaves

– – –

Time and temperature

Temporary location of table

Smiley face thumbs up

– – –

Home Sweet HomeHome Tweet Home garden flagOne o’clock: Removed the Christmas garden flag and hung my absolute favorite “Home Tweet Home” flag. ~~ Hey, “Be it ever so humble….”

– – –

Four-twenty and “yours truly” is exhausted!! But I absolutely could not stop; there were so many things I wanted to do!! Frankly, too busy to even take pictures.

– – –

Shelter is almost empty

Water and sunshine for several plants

Time and temperature

– – –

Postscript, Thurs., Jan. 29, 2015, 5:00 AM: I was in bed at eight o’clock last night and enjoyed a good six hours of sleep. I’m enthusiastic about another day in the yard.

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