TracFone Nightmare !!

Consider this a scathing criticism of TracFone. Total lack of consideration for a customer of over-nine-years!!

I had very limited coverage while I lived at JAARS near Waxhaw, North Carolina. I was forced to pay over $50. per month for a “land line.”  ~~  After arriving at CARE  in Livingston, Texas, my TracFone would not hold a charge more than one day. Honestly, it did not occur to me that the phone wasn’t holding “a charge” because it was constantly searching for a signal. So-o-o-o, staff (at CARE) could not contact me!!

Rather than buy a new battery, I went to the TracFone web site and ordered a new phone for $20. (The last time I replaced the battery on my TracFone, it cost almost $40.)  I only wanted a simple phone to replace my long-time “simple” phone. I chose a reconditioned LG with more “bells and whistles” than I wanted.

The phone arrived via FedEx on Saturday morning, Nov. 9th.  I had time to go to the TracFone web site and initiate transfer of the phone number and minutes from old phone to new phone. After about a dozen steps, and details were completed, the web site asked if 1200 minutes and service until May 30,2015 was OK.  I clicked on “no” because I was transferring 1889 minutes. A message said “call customer service.”

That afternoon I spent over one-and-one-half hours with a customer service individual (in India??) and he finally indicated my minutes and service had been transferred and my new phone was activated.  BUT  I could not make a call nor receive a call!!

Sunday did not produce service!!  I kept checking!! That evening, I spent over two hours on the phone with a customer service individual (in India??). I was calling from a “land line” at the CARE Center. He insisted that I needed a new phone number because my area code (704) did not correspond with my zip code (77351). He insisted I couldn’t get service!! I argued that I had traveled all over the U.S. using an old TracFone with the 704 area code. “Why can’t I maintain my old phone number?”

Wednesday was my day off so I headed for Radio Shack in Livingston, Texas. A sales person spent two hours (no exaggeration) on the phone with TracFone customer service. First: Customer service was saying I had no minutes nor service to transfer!!! Second: After about one hour customer service was “donating” service until May 30, 2015 but only “donating” 700 minutes. I said that was absolutely not acceptable!! After two hours I surmise TracFone grudgingly provided 1800 minutes. The Radio Shack salesman was able to phone me; I was able to phone him; I had service.

Bottom line: I still do not have a phone I can rely on. Apparently there is very limited service for TracFone in this area of Texas. There is a Verizon tower not far from our location and everyone with Verizon service is very happy. Reportedly the LG phone I purchased supports Verizon service but I cannot make nor receive phone calls.

TracFone nightmare!!

TracFone nightmare!!

TracFone nightmare!!

TracFone nightmare!!

TracFone nightmare!!

Postscript: I’ve tried to find a way to send an e-mail message to TracFone. I’ve joined the forum but am restricted from sending a message requesting information. Is this any way to do business??

To answer your question “Why do you have so many minutes?”  Because (for the most part) the minutes don’t expire.  Most of the minutes date back to 2010-2011 (before I moved to North Carolina [JAARS] and had limited cell phone service).




Postscript, Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013, 4:40 PM: My complaint on the Internet and FaceBook seems to have encouraged a response from TracFone.  I’ve received three messages this afternoon–after another complaint on FB.

Read my blog Trac Fone Nightmare — Part Two .


6 comments on “TracFone Nightmare !!

  1. Deb says:

    I posted a link to your blog on their Facebook page.

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  3. Bill Lau says:

    I call it; “Tracfone HELL!”

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