TJ Maxx / Marshall’s Nightmare !!

I have not used my T.J. Maxx / Marshalls / Home Goods credit card for years!! I did not want it in the first place!! A cashier virtually forced me to sign up so I could get an additional discount (and she could get a commission for signing a new credit card customer??). In July I received a statement with a large charge. I phoned to dispute the charge and was told they would investigate. Since arriving in Texas, I received a forwarded letter with a statement indicating I owe over $300. with original charge, late fees, and interest. DinosaurI used the pay phone in the Escapee RV Park (a tiny closet that was hot as a sauna), fed quarters into the phone as I was cut off during multiple transfers. Bottom line: A letter today confirms what I was told on the phone “Contact the retailer for a refund.”  NOT  MY  CHARGE but I’m forced to contact the retailer for a refund (and, of course, pay TJ Maxx). I’m convinced “customer service” has gone the route of the dinosaur.

Why do I air these complaints for the world to see?? Because I am volunteering at a location with seniors, and physically and mentally challenged men and women. I’m sympathetic / empathetic regarding hurdles in their life. I consider myself an able-bodied reasonably intelligent woman. BUT, in big business, “we” have little–or no–value!! Consider the millions(??) of folks without an advocate.


Question markAnother recent example of questionable customer service: My MasterCard was canceled (in October) because (according to my bank) it had been “compromised” (not my doing). Still no new credit card although their correspondence said I should receive “the first week of November.” Furthermore, my bank (5th/3rd) was supposed to transfer the money in my Broker Account to my Savings Account three months ago–and still not done!!

2 comments on “TJ Maxx / Marshall’s Nightmare !!

  1. seeinsilver says:

    The inconvenience far outweighs the discount you got I’m sure. I learned after a similar experience that if I were to do this again, to cancel the card after the original transaction cleared.
    I’m sure there is a banking entity you can report 5/3 to for not resolving your financial issues. Research that.

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