Reflections “postscript”

Postscript on my earlier Reflections blog:

Friday, Nov. 22, 2013, 7:00 PM: Please forgive me?! There just aren’t enough hours in the day for volunteering and preparing my blog messages. Furthermore, I have had problems with my laptop computer. I’ve worked for hours (for days) trying to resolve the situation. Finally, earlier this evening I removed the “cache” and “cookies” and am able to download pictures again, and insert clip art.

I’ve had (IMHO) too many problems lately. 1) I’ve had an ongoing battle with the credit card for T.J.Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods. I disputed the charge in July and was assured they would work on the dispute. Since arriving in Texas, I received a statement with the charge, late fee, and interest (now exceeding $300.). I used the pay phone in the Escapee RV Park (a tiny closet that was hot as a sauna), fed quarters into the phone as I was cut off during multiple transfers. Bottom line: A letter today confirms what I was told on the phone “Contact the retailer for a refund.”  NOT  MY  CHARGE but I’m forced to contact the retailer for a refund. 2) My MasterCard was canceled (in October) because (according to my bank) it had been “compromised.” Still no new credit card although their correspondence said a new card would arrive “the first week of November.”  Furthermore, my bank (5th/3rd) was supposed to transfer the money in my Broker Account to my Savings Account three months ago –and still not done!! 3) Amica Insurance approaches things different in Texas (from North Carolina) and I still have not met all their requirements. 4) The TracFone Nightmare described in another blog message. (I do not have phone service where I live and where I work!!)

On the positive side: I put a deposit on an old trailer that may eventually be my “until I die” home. ~~ I’m getting excited (again) about gardening. Now I’m researching Garden Towers that produce a lot of organic veggies in a small amount of space. ~~ Today I received confirmation that my application for CARE residency was approved. Hallelujah!!

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