More pain !!

Collector's Plates

More collector's plates

Almost ready to go

Ready to go!!These have been in my home for decades!! “Collector’s Plates” dating back to the Bicentennial (1976)!! Many, many images from Norman Rockwell paintings.  (I love Norman Rockwell paintings!!)  The plates have resided in Lancaster, CA, Long Beach, CA, Hollywood, CA, Brookville, OH, Shelby, NC, and Waxhaw, NC. In rented apartments–without a sense of permanency–I never displayed them.  Much as I hate to part with them, “it’s time.”  This morning I started moving the boxed items from their nooks-and-crannies and began documenting them in a software program called It’s Deductible. Properly documented, my donation information is automatically available when I do my income taxes with Turbo Tax.  North Carolina really zaps me for state taxes.  Itemized donations are a blessing!!  (I found out “the hard way” when I failed to keep records!!)  So another trunk-load of donations for Second Chance Boutique in Waxhaw.  ~~  Several more garden items have departed for new homes.  Far too many things remain!!

FYI: I’m not having head pain (praise the Lord!!) but I am terribly tired!! The fall was a shock to my body.

One comment on “More pain !!

  1. Stephanie Randall says:

    All of your plates sold and we are so grateful to you and your kindness…

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