Clumsy old lady…

Several stitches & a patch

Lorraine & Stephanie…took a tumble!!  I’ve been “downsizing” and the car was packed with donations for Turning Point Second Chance Boutique in Waxhaw.  Everything had been unloaded and I was ready to leave. Then I took a fall and struck my head on their back door.  I was (am) so embarrassed because emergency vehicles rolled with sirens screaming!!  I refused treatment… but consented when Stephanie offered to drive me to the local emergency room.  She stayed through the extremely long process.  After three hours, this stubborn old lady was threatening to walk out of the treatment room and exit the building!!  Finally, stitches were in and patch was in place. Guardian angelBelatedly, Stephanie was back in Second Chance Boutique and could resume her responsibilities abandoned about 10:30.  I’m so grateful for her genuine warmth and thoughtful attentiveness!!  Stephanie–my guardian angel.

One comment on “Clumsy old lady…

  1. Stephanie Randall says:

    One of the best days of my life. You taught me many things and touched my heart..

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