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First, bugs in our yogurt; now propaganda about the “Santo” movie. I encourage you to read the article and follow the links. Monsanto is trying to take down and censor the movie.

No GMO posterFYI: I’ve followed a holistic lifestyle for over thirty years. I’m conscientious about the food I eat. I don’t use prescription drugs. I’m going to support the movie-making project.

Non-GMO Shopping Guide and Six Easy Steps to Avoid….


Jesus road signNow, here’s a thought: We’ve heard how the government monitors our phone calls and our e-mail so we have no privacy. “Big Brother” may be trolling the Internet and e-mail messages for names of individuals that are anti-GMO. Perhaps I’m paranoid(?) but I believe Christians are documented “in the system.” I’m standing up for my beliefs even if it costs me my life!!

Baby News

These same messages can be found further down in the blog. I’ve consolidated them here so the reader can move from day-to-day. Depending upon your computer, I believe you can read one message, close it (x), return to this message, click the next, read it, close it, etc.

Five little Bluebird eggs in the nest

Five Little Bluebird Eggs in the Nest

Baby News — Day One

Baby News — Day Two

Baby News — Day Three

One Bluebird egg that did not hatch.

Baby News — Day Four

Baby News — Day Five

Baby News — Day Six

Baby News — Day Seven

Baby News — Day Eight

Four baby Bluebirds in the nest.

Baby News — Day Nine

Baby News — Day Ten

Baby News — Day Eleven

Baby News — Day Twelve

Four little Bluebirds in the nest.

Baby News — Day Thirteen

Baby News — Day Fourteen

Baby News — Day Fifteen

Baby News — Day Sixteen

Baby News — Day Seventeen

The day they fledged.

Baby News — Day Eighteen

Baby News — Follow up

Papa Bluebird

Mama & Papa Bluebird near the nest.

Bye, bye. You were a good nanny.



Recently fledged baby Bluebird

Life in the very slow lane !!

In the remote chance I might see one of the Bluebird babies fledge, I sat on the patio for a couple of hours. The following pictures have little value but provided an opportunity to experiment with the Canon. I love the zoom!!  In the past, with the Samsung, I seldom used zoom and relied on the “crop” feature in Picasa software. I’ll spare you pictures of bees, chameleons and crows. (The Canon has “image stabilizer” so zoom pictures are better than those with the Samsung.)

Hot and humid

Getting comfortable

Watching the Bluebird house

Bluebirds on the feeder

Butterfly on Phlox


Female Cardinal

Butterfly on Phlox

Mama & Papa Bluebirds

Cottontail rabbit

Cottontail rabbit

Being creative !!

Items for a platform feeder.

Former drink container

Plastic snack tray.

Two of three pieces for platform feeder.

Beginning to assemble the components.

I love to be creative!! There is a sense of satisfaction  compiling one item from unlikely objects. For ninety-nine cents, from Goodwill, I bought the plastic “drink” dispenser. I’ve owned the snack tray for decades!! The metal bracket was an eighty cent Thrift Shop purchase just waiting for its eventual usage.

From my growing library of books and pamphlets regarding Bluebirds, I read about building a “platform feeder” (for the Bluebirds). The description called for wood platform/bottom and wood roof/ceiling with clear plastic sides. In my mind’s-eye, buying small pieces of lumber (at Lowe’s or Home Depot) and paying to have it cut to size, was an expense I didn’t want. (Not that I couldn’t afford it; I just didn’t want to go that route.) Today (after the chiropractic appointment) I saw the “drink” container at Goodwill and identified how it could play a role in the creation of a platform feeder. I hadn’t been home an hour before I started drilling holes to attach the bracket, and holes for drainage and ventilation. I have my own small store of hardware items but no bolts the proper length. I need to visit Ace Hardware for four bolts, washers and nuts. (Ace Hardware because I can buy one, two, three or four specific items and not have to buy a package with more than I need!!)

I’m ahead of schedule because the “platform feeder” was suggested for feeding Bluebirds during the winter. But I was challenged by the idea and it is under construction. I’ll post additional pictures after it is assembled.  ~~  Maybe the Bluebirds won’t even adopt the feeder but it is fun to create and expense was nominal.

Postscript, Sat. Aug. 17, 2013, 3:00 PM: I’ve discarded the several items; I’ll never complete the project.  I’m moving to Texas and will not have Bluebirds.  Here is a link to a professional built “see through” feeder.


Note: Please see Baby News–Day Thirteen.