Merry-go-round ??

Hanging baskets with Nasturtiums

Begonias in planter baseTo the left are “before” pictures: Nasturtiums in hanging baskets, Begonias in the base. They departed (free) to a new home so I shuffled hanging baskets from other locations. Although I still have lots of plants, in planters, some have gone to new homes.  ~~ I have published many ads with “for sale” yard and garden items–but limited response. I can’t take them with me!!  ~~ Actually I **can** take the planters… but not the plants (agricultural restrictions at the state lines). I’ve dumped plants, and soil, along the embankment at the edge of my back yard.  My beautiful second-season Calibrachoa–with purple-red blooms–and Miracle Gro soil–went to an early grave so I could scrub the tub (identical to the one pictured here). It cost an extremely discounted $26. from Tuesday Morning, plus (as I said Miracle Gro soil) and a vineing plant we’d pay at least $20. for at Lowe’s. Nobody wants to pay $25.– or even make an offer. I have signs everywhere saying “My prices are negotiable.”

8/31/13 hanging baskets

8/31/13 empty planter

8/31/13 empty planter basecrying heart

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