Happy day-before-Halloween !!

Go figure!! The day before Halloween–in the middle of the day–CARE celebrates Halloween. Originally, I planned to totally skip any appearance during the day. I’d rake leaves and sweep debris; I’d work in my yard!! Wide awake (in the middle of the night), I decided I’d dust off my red hat, and dress up in my purple dress. (No witch costume this year.)

lorraine-in-red-hat (cropped)lorraine-in-red-hat-and-red-cape (cropped)In 2002-2003, I was Queen of a chapter of the Red Hat Society–in North Los Angeles County. Sadly, since I left Lancaster, California, I haven’t found a chapter to join. I donated almost all my entire Red Hat wardrobe to an upscale resale shop in Waxhaw, North Carolina (just prior to moving to Livingston, Texas). ~~ I’m the world’s worse about hanging on to things “I might need some day.” It has been two years and the dress just came out of the garment bag!!

Check out the poem When I am an old woman (and the several other cute poems on that website).

~~~~~ 2015 ~~~~~

Halloween 2014

Lorraine at Halloween (close up)


IMG_5773Postscript: Forty-nine CARE residents; a dozen employees; regrettably less than a dozen of us wearing a costume. I’m glad I didn’t pull a Houdini (and disappear).

2 comments on “Happy day-before-Halloween !!

  1. There are several in the area. Ask Carol Mumma, she belonged to the Red Bonnets when I did, started at Escapees years ago, used to meet there until Ms Kay decided she didn’t agree that men were excluded so they had to find another meeting place. That happened before I moved there in 2004! Hugs, Patty P.S. I like the idea of your costume. I still have my purple dress I found for $7.00 at a thrift store down behind Mc D’s across from Walmart. It was new, still had tags on it. My hat and purse are still here and a bracelet, etc. Yeah, we save too much.

  2. Deb says:

    What’s that funny looking thing in our hands?? Hope your back feels better soon!!

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