NOT a good morning !!

Hard rain all night. I took several pictures from my doorway–of “Lake Lorraine.”  Lightening and thunder so I turned off the computer. Later, when I rebooted the computer, I had a parade of unknown features checking (and re-checking). Finally I had my familiar “desktop.”  But I could not log into my g-mail account. It took at least an hour of trial and error. It was so frustrating!! Today is “Nightmare at CARE.” (No Elm Street here. Just Dove, Wren, Hawk, etc.) To add insult to injury (lol) I couldn’t access my pictures on Picasa. The following pictures had been uploaded to Picasa before I turned off the computer. So-o-o, it took several minutes to access these. ~~ Ghosts and goblins have invaded my computer?! ~~ OMG, when I attempted to “publish” this blog, more changes!! Believe me, this old lady does not appreciate numerous changes on the computer. I’m a creature of habit. ~~ Bummer: 1) I searched for a clip art picture of ghosts and goblins, 2) saved it…, but 3) cannot retrieve it!! ~~ Repeat: NOT a good morning!!

Feeding station is down

Lake Lorraine

Later I'll check the rain gauge

Shelter is still standing

Still raining

Halloween ghost and goblin (cute)


“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”


Postscript, 10/31/15, 3:00 PM: Pray for me?! I’ve tried to prepare another blog message (more pictures) and my computer deletes it as fast as I “save” it. I’m really discouraged!!!!

GratitudeAnother postscript, 4:00 PM: On the positive side, this morning the TV news showed pictures of RVs overturned by a tornado that struck the Danbury, Brazoria County, Texas area early this morning. Oops, sorry, that’s negative. The “positive” comment I want to express: Gratefully, no RV or building damage in our little community!!


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