Buttinski !!

That’s what I called myself when I went to a backyard neighbor for help. “I’m a buttinski.” He looked at me in a peculiar way so I explained I was trying to find information to help my nasty landlady and her nasty step-son (“help…” although it is none of my business). “Landlady and step-son” have been having major plumbing problems for months.  I decided I’d ask backyard neighbors if they had some answers. Sadly, no answers. Today (praise the Lord), a neighbor living a block away stopped by (to visit) and (being a long-time resident) she provided valuable information. When I went next door, to my landlady, and step-son, she snarled at me “Someone covered the holes.”  I confessed to covering the holes because her son-in-law said “OK.” (The value of my worth?!) Whether “they” appreciate it or not, I gave them details so someone (not Lorraine) can dig for, and locate the water shutoff. Not my business, but “buttinski”  will update the long-outdated information about recipients receiving water from two wells. “Who’s who.” True story: Everyone listed on the weathered sheet of paper (posted in the “well house”) has been dead for years. Property ownership has changed several times (according to the longtime resident lady-friend.) I’ll be knocking on doors to obtain current information.

Now to other events of the day?!

Reasonably early, I was outdoors working on the “discard” project.


Longtime resident lady-friend stopped by and we launched into problem-solving. She led the way and we traipsed (in the heat) to the two “well houses.” (Previously unknown to “buttinski.”)



The rain was absolutely wonderful. For the first time in weeks, I have the door open so I can “feel” and “smell” the rain. For a month, the air conditioner has been running 24/7.

One comment on “Buttinski !!

  1. carol says:

    Locating a shut off might be possible with a metal detector – Ours is in a pipe at grade And the actual shutoff about a foot below the surface – just a flat rock covering it

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